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Staying Balanced and Productive While Working From (a Busy) Home

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More Space Place - custom home office
More Space Place - custom home office

For many of us, working remotely is unchartered territory, not only for us adults but for our kids as well. The lines between work life and home life can easily be blurred leaving you feeling pushed to your limits and risking burn out. Are you struggling to find balance and stay productive in your day-to-day? We’ve got tips to help you manage during these changing times.

Set the Tone for the Day

Take advantage of the quiet morning hours to practice self-care, and get a jump on the things you need to get done for the day. It’s tempting to reach for your phone first thing in the morning to check emails or texts, but try avoiding this for the first hour you’re awake. You will find your mornings become more peaceful and allow you to take charge of your time rather than immediately being swept into the current of constant email replies. A healthy start to the day gets you started on a positive note.

Stick to a Strict Schedule

One of the most important things you can do for you and your family is to set a strict schedule and stick to it. This gives everyone a clear sense of how time should be spent working, tackling chores, as well as when it’s time for fun. Post the schedule in a visible area so everyone can see what is expected. Don’t forget to schedule breaks!

Create a Dedicated Working Space

More Space Place - Custom Murphy Bed and Home Office

Another crucial step you can take is to create dedicated working spaces for everyone. No space is too small. When you’re in this space, ensure that it’s for working purposes only to better create that boundary between your personal and work life. This means avoiding using any bedrooms as a work office. If you’re tight on space and in need of a solution, we can help you by creating custom home office furniture such as Murphy bed hybrids that easily blends into any space in your home.

Show up for Yourself and Dress the Part

More Space Place Custom Closet

Getting ready in the morning doesn’t mean you need to fully suit up for the day, but it also doesn’t mean you should don pajamas or sweats. Find a newly inspired look that combines comfort and professionalism. The key is to wear something that leaves you feeling confident, comfortable, and ready to work! Closet feeling messy and cluttered? Talk to us about how we can help with custom closet solutions during this time.

Minimize Distractions

You’ll find being productive comes easier when you get rid of any distractions. You may feel that small interruptions are no big deal but they can quickly add up. Keep only essential items on your desk and home office. Keep your office door closed if you can.  As for the rest of the family, this goes back to keeping a schedule and setting boundaries that lets everyone know when not to disturb you.

Recognize When It’s Time for a Break

It may sound counterintuitive but the most productive people are the ones that know when it’s time for a break and schedule them frequently. Forcing yourself to work for hours on end is a fast track to feeling fatigued and burnt out. Be mindful of how your body feels and schedule a quick refreshing break.  You could choose to get some exercise, call a friend for a few minutes, or have a snack break with the kids. Whatever it is, make sure it does not include your work.

Get Outside

Take advantage of any pleasant weather that arises and get outside whenever you can. Take your lunch breaks outside or take a brief walk to get fresh air into your lungs and to appreciate the scenes around you. Keeping in tune with nature helps calm the body, clear your mind, and is an instant mood boost. You can even decide to take meetings outside!

Make Room For Life®

We care about your life balance. Make room for your life again and rekindle your energy to tackle the things you love doing. Our team of experts can assist with other custom solutions to help you stay organized and productive at home. Ask us about the other services we offer and give us a call for a FREE consultation.

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