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Storing Your Sports Equipment

Custom Garage Cabinet System

Without organized storage options, sports equipment will manage to find its way into all corners of your home. Especially during the summer when kids spend long days playing sports and games outside. Having an organized space to store everything will not only help you reduce clutter around the house but also keep all of your equipment in good condition. The storage experts at More Space Place are ready to explore sports equipment organization tactics! Whether you need a convenient mudroom closet to keep dirt from getting tracked into your house or an elaborate garage storage system to give every item a home, we can design it for you. Get started here with a few customizable features.

Organize Garage custom solutions Shoe Rack

Start simple with a designated shoe rack to keep your shoes clean and keep your collection growing beyond your storage capacity. You’ll easily find the shoes you need and avoid spending extra money on an expensive pair of cleats that have been simply misplaced in your home. 

Bicycle Hooks

Bicycles are notoriously difficult to store. Their bulky frames and dusty wheels can create a mess in your home and detract from the open space. More Space Place’s slat wall fixtures are the perfect solution. Insert a pair of hooks on a slat board and prop a bicycle up on the garage wall, taking up minimal space.

Slat walls can actually be utilized for all kinds of sports storage. Long, heavy items like skis or longboards pair very well with this storage strategy. And with labeled boxes for smaller items, you can set your miscellaneous equipment up such as air pumps and bike tools on the slat board for more space-saving wall storage.

Custom Garage Cabinet System Wall-Mounted Cabinets

We also provide a wide selection of cabinets in various materials and finishes for you to find the right storage solution for your home. Not only will a sleek wall of cabinets look great, but it makes your space more efficient. Each section of your custom cabinetry unit can serve a different purpose and keep the equipment you use together stored conveniently together. You may be thinking that shelves aren’t the most convenient storage system for balls, but we have a solution for that. Pullout bins and baskets will allow you to easily store what you need without fear of it rolling away. 


If you have little ones running around the house, you’ll want to keep everything they use within arm’s reach so you aren’t constantly running to the garage to get what they want down from the shelves. Cubbies keep your items separate and organized while still at eye-level for the kids to easily find their ball on the way to soccer practice or mitt when they are running to play catch with friends. Color-coded or labeled basket inserts will help maintain your organization system.

Solving Storage Issues

More Space Place specializes in finding storage solutions that are practical for your modern life. Contact us for a free in-home consultation and get started revitalizing your home with our expert techniques and custom-crafted equipment for your items. From simple wall hooks to intricate cabinet units, we’ll make it possible to reclaim your garage and keep it organized all year long. Call us today!