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Storing Your Summer Activity Gear

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With summer just around the corner, you’ll have lots of time for all your favorite outdoor activities. Swimming, camping, fishing, hiking, and sports activities must have your garage jam-packed! All of these well-loved outdoor activities can accumulate lots of clutter overtime in your garage, especially if you don’t have an organized system for stashing your gear. Have a stress-free summer and tackle storage clutter once and for all. Follow our simple tips from our experts at More Space Place. We offer custom storage solutions for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, garages, and more!


Storing camping and fishing gear in the garage is the most efficient place to put them because it can all be transferred to the car for a quick weekend getaway. Customized shelving in your garage allows for more space along the walls and gets things off the ground. Tents, sleeping bags, tarps, coolers, and sleeping mats should all be placed along the same shelf. Fishing poles, tackle, and bait can be placed on a shelf nearby. Store tents and sleeping bags in a breathable mesh bag and avoid watertight storage bags because condensation can build up and result in mildew.


Beach bags, towels, and beach chairs should all be stored together for quick access. Place beach toys like shovels or balls in a mesh basket and hang them along the walls of your garage. You can also use clear plastic storage containers so that it’s easily visible and place them in hallway closets if you don’t have room in the garage. With beach gear, remember to hose off all the sand before storing them. 

Canoes, Kayaks, and Bikes

Proper storage for canoes, kayaks, and bikes will prevent possible damage from outside elements. It is recommended that these items are stored indoors to prevent rust or cracks. Before storing a canoe or kayak, wash it with water and mild soap to remove dirt or salt. Keep the boat away from heat sources like furnaces. A rack suspension system in your garage will raise your boat off the floor. A pulley system works well for bikes and canoes. You can also install a wall-mounted bike rack for easy access to your bikes. 

When it’s time for a garage storage makeover, More Space Place will work with you to find the best storage solutions for all your needs so that you can focus on enjoying the summer! Contact us today!

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