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Streamline Your Chores With a Custom Laundry Room

custom laundry room more space place

custom laundry room more space placeNo one likes to do chores, but with a custom laundry room, you can make the whole process easier on yourself. It might even become enjoyable! More Space Place is here to help you design the home of your dreams. Read on to discover how a custom laundry room can help you streamline your chores and get more done.


Laundry room efficiency is often an aspect of home design that gets left behind. While other rooms are decorated and organized to a tee, the laundry room can often wind up ignored. However, with custom cabinets, you can improve upon both the look and usability of the space. Decorating your laundry room will make the area more inviting and may just make chores more enjoyable each week. Custom cabinetry will also make it easier to organize and access your cleaning materials and other extraneous laundry room items. When you’re all done, simply close the cabinets and you’ll have a sleek, streamlined space to return to when it’s time to rotate the clothes. 

Separate Baskets

One of the easiest ways to streamline your chores is to use baskets to organize your laundry. These baskets can be utilized in a number of ways. Three baskets can be used to separate out your dirty laundry into towels, delicates, and heavier items like jeans. You can also label baskets to help you sort your darks and lights, avoiding any color-bleeding disaster. Whatever your laundry cleaning system is, baskets can act as silos that split up your laundry and make it quick and easy for you to run loads. Use tilt out or pull out hampers to make it easy to reach items. 


While similar to cabinets, cubbies have the added benefit of being open to the room. These spaces are great for holding detergent and other cleaners that you use often. Not only will these items be easy to access, but cubbyholes will also help you to keep the top of your washer and dryer clear, giving every item its own home.

More Space Place is here for all of your home organization needs. Contact your local store today to arrange a free, in-home design consultation, and discover how a custom laundry room can transform your home, your chores, and your life!

Photo credit: © augustine_aranas