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Stress-Free Entertaining Tips

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More Space Place Entryway Design

More Space Place Entryway Design

Is your home a popular spot for dinner parties, get-togethers, and sleepovers? If the answer is yes, you’ll need a setup that can accommodate the demands of entertaining guests. Being a good host or hostess can come down to a few key elements in your home that will make your job easier and make your friends and family more comfortable. Here at More Space Place, we can help enhance and customize your home to create the perfect space for stress-free entertaining.


Welcome In

From the moment your guests step in your home, there should be a clear place for them to hang up jackets, set down bags, or remove shoes. Avoid messy piles by having ample space for a shoe rack, or hooks for bags and jackets. Nobody likes to enter a home and feel like they are creating clutter by putting their items in the wrong place. A well-designed entryway will set the tone for your home and make your guests feel more welcome.

Open Kitchen Design

Dinner is Served

If you are hosting a dinner party and have to finish cooking while guests arrive, you want your kitchen to be as easily maneuverable as possible, especially since a good friend or two will likely ask to help. Open cabinetry and intuitive storage in your kitchen, as well as your pantry, will allow you to multitask, to take on a sous chef, and to keep your kitchen looking neat even before you finish cleaning up.


Take a Seat

Depending on the type of party, you’ll need to make room at the dinner table, around the house, or on the couch. If you need extra chairs, you’ll need extra storage. Keep foldable chairs in a garage or closet that are easy to find and easy to clean in case dust collects in between your parties. More Space Place can help design the perfect storage space for stacking your chairs and keeping them from disappearing in the back of your garage.

Jefferson Library Bed Closed

Stay the Night

Homes that frequently welcome guests understand the value of open floor space, functional furniture design, and de-cluttering rooms. However, if your guests stay overnight, you don’t want to offer them the springy pull out couch. Install a Murphy bed to be the ultimate host without crowding your home with a bulky, rarely used spare bed. Our sleek designs turn spare rooms and living rooms into multifunctional spaces, all with a specially designed Serta mattress to ensure a restful sleep for your guests! Our library or bookshelf beds will give you stylish shelf space, while neatly tucking away – the key for the perfect entertaining experience.

Jefferson Library Bed Open

Here at More Space Place, we can help make your hosting job easier, as well as make your guests as comfortable as possible from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. Come see us to learn about our custom designs to transform your home into the ultimate entertaining space. Find one of our convenient locations here!

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