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Adding More Space to your Small Place

94 years ago, a man named Murphy designed a folding wall bed that added space and multipurpose to a small New York apartment. The idea spread like wildfire. We believe in staying true to our space saving roots so we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to add More Space to your small Place.…

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Organizing With Kids

With a house full of kids, it’s easy for clutter to collect. It seems like everyone has the ‘perfect’ strategy for keeping your home organized. We did the research for you and compiled a list of the 5 things every mom should know before tackling an organization project. 1.    Baskets are your best friends.  Assign…

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Don’t Downsize Your Wardrobe. Upgrade Your Closet!

Clutter- we’ve all got it! It seems like it collects in our closets faster than anywhere else. It doesn't help that closets are the first place we cram everything when we're expecting company, or that we simply can't let go of those memorable pieces - ya know, the black sequin dress from the '80s. Thankfully,…

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