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Adding Closets to Historical Homes

custom closet with peninsula historical home

Historical homes offer lots of charm and character, but often have some drawbacks. When it comes to closet storage, many historic homes do not have closets since wardobes and chests were more common. Historic homes can also have zoning or construction limitations. So, what can you do to create storage for all of your clothes?…

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How to Design Your Perfect Closet

Old closet storage or organization not working out anymore? Looking to reimagine your current walk-in closet? Want to finally have your dream closet? Creating your perfect closet is an extremely achievable goal. Follow these steps to create the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality to meet your closet needs! Know Your Style Before any kind…

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Here’s Why You Need to Finally Invest in Your Dream Closet

Your home should be an energizing and inviting space. Not only that, but your home should also be a space that allows you to rest and recharge when you need to. Mess and clutter in a home make total relaxation impossible. Now is the time to finally plan out those home improvement projects you’ve been…

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Essential Accessories for Your Custom Closet

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to closets – that’s why we’ve spent the past thirty years bringing customizable storage solutions to our customers. But with so many options to choose from, where should one even begin? More Space Place understands, which is why we’ve asked our experts to compile this list of their favorite…

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3 Tips For Sharing A Closet

It’s no question that closet space is prime real estate that often feels limited in supply. This becomes even more of a reality when you begin to share your closet with a significant other.  Sharing a closet can be a struggle and is often a point of contention between couples. Today on the blog we…

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Design Details For A Boutique Custom Closet

With inviting displays and beautiful designs, it is easy to see why boutiques have risen in popularity. At More Space Place, we want to encourage homeowners to creatively think about spaces in their home. Why not take the attributes you love in boutique stores and re-imagine them in a closet setting? Here are the top…

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Closet Details: Lighting

The details matter, especially when making home improvement upgrades. From picking a paint color to creating a certain ambience in a room, lighting can effect a large number of decisions. Be sure to pay close attention to lighting in your closet system. Here are some things to consider from the team at More Space Place.…

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