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The 4 Essentials to Maximize Pantry Space

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Do you have a smaller pantry? Or are you constantly losing items at the back of shelves and double buying spices you didn’t know you had? Having a disorganized pantry can be frustrating. We have solutions for you. Below are 4 space-saving and organization-maximizing solutions to help you gain control of your kitchen!

  1. Pull Out Shelving

Pullout Shelving is a great option to provide access to the entire contents of a shelf, no matter where they are on the shelf! Gone are the days of items getting moved to the back of shelves and forgotten. Pull Out shelving makes it easy to see and use everything in your pantry.

  1. Baskets

Baskets are useful for items that don’t need to be easily seen. Even though the items are out of sight when the basket is put away, they can be pulled out so you still have the ability to see everything at once. How you use a basket is up to you, and this option is great for anything you want to grab and go with.

  1. Shelving and Dividers

Shelving and Dividers may be the most obvious aspect on this list. However, smart choices regarding shelf placement and including dividers are essential! More Space Place offers adjustable shelving so that you can live with a shelving choice and continue to adjust long after installation. You have the ability to add or take away shelves, create different shelf heights, and move dividers to keep items together or separate. 

  1. Wine and Spice Racks

Specialized racks help organize items that are often challenging to adequately store. Spice racks keep every spice visible. They also can save you time searching for the right spice, and save you money from not double purchasing! Wine racks store bottles effectively in spaces that are not high enough for upright bottles and can be used for oils and vinegar as well as wine. 

Your pantry should serve your life, and keeping it organized should be simple. Installing some of the options above can help make your pantry better for you. The experts at More Space Place are ready to work with you to create a functional pantry. Visit your local showroom today to see all of our storage solutions.