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7 Steps For Families to Clean Out Their Garage

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Family smiles as they sort through the items in their garage.

1. Rally the troops.

First things first, you have to squad up. Both adults and children alike pretty much always dread cleaning the garage, so starting the day with a little something fun can be a good reminder that a day cleaning together doesn’t have to be pure doom. 

An easy, yet special, breakfast (donuts, anyone?) can be a little ray of light to start the day off right.

2. Get the energy going.

Sometimes you have to fake it ‘til you make it. Even if you’re not excited, bring a high-energy spirit to your clean-out! Getting amped for a cleaning day may feel silly, but energy can help the process feel like it’s going by faster (and actually be more efficient).

The perfect way to boost energy? Pump up the jams! Take turns picking songs – adults and kids. It can be really fun for kids to hear the music their parents listened to when they were younger. 

3. Take the cars out of the garage.

This one is going to make things a hundred times easier. 

Save yourself the headache of squeezing in between tires and mirrors and just get the cars out of the garage. Let them spend a little time in the driveway or on the street – you’re going to want the extra space for organizing. 

4. Take everything else out of the garage.

You’ll likely want to go through every item in your garage on your cleanout day, so get everything off the shelves, out of the corners, and into designated piles (see step five).

5. Divide and conquer.

Making piles is an ultra-effective way to clean out and organize an intimidating space like the garage. Establish your categories:

  • Toss (this pile can be located right in the waste bin). 
  • Donate (don’t underestimate what someone else might find useful!). 
  • Keep and store in the garage. 
  • Keep and store somewhere else. 
Couple smiles as they sort through items in their garage.

6. Strategize your garage storage space.

Make sure that the items you decide to keep and store in the garage don’t just go back to being stacked in unlabelled boxes or pushed into the corner. You worked hard to organize and sort through your garage, and this hard work can be maintained effortlessly with even the simplest of systems. 

Labeling each box and bin — even if it seems obvious what’s inside — can be a huge help when quickly trying to locate or figure out if you have something. Making sure to keep similar items close together is another key to maintaining order in your garage.

Your garage storage itself is a huge key to maintaining your garage’s organization. Utilizing cabinets, shelves, and wall rack systems give you much more space to keep things tidy and easily accessible. Custom garage storage units like those from More Space Place can be fit to your specific garage measurements and family needs.

7. Celebrate in organized tranquility.

After each item has found its rightful place, take a step back, a breath in, and appreciate the work your family did together! Your garage is clean, tidy, and so much easier to navigate now. 

Enjoy the simple calm of an organized space, and pick a way to celebrate the long day with your cleaning team. (Donuts round two, anyone?)

Want to make your garage clean-out easier right off the bat? Find a location near you to schedule an in-home storage consultation with More Space Place, and get your garage ready for the big day. 

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