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The Best Reasons Homeowners Should Invest in a Murphy Bed

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More Space Place - Custom Sofa Panel Bed Livingroom
More Space Place - Living Room Storage - Custom Murphy Bed - Sofa Panel Bed

If you’re looking to renovate a room in your home with more functional furniture, then look no further than Murphy beds. Also known as panel beds, they are the perfect storage solution no matter the size of the space you’re looking to re-do. At More Space Place, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality customized storage solutions for your home. If you’re feeling on the fence about Murphy beds, see some of our favorite features below. We’re confident you’ll love this unique storage solution for your home.

1. A Blend of Comfort and Functionality

If you haven’t experienced sleeping on a Murphy bed before, then you may be surprised to find how comfortable they are. You may find yourself wondering how comfortable can an adjustable bed really be? We love Murphy beds because they deliver on comfort without losing out on functionality. Murphy beds are hassle-free when it comes to opening them up for a good night’s rest as well as folding them up the next day.

2. The Ultimate Space Saver

One of the greatest features of Murphy beds that homeowners love is the space-saving aspect. If you’re limited on space throughout your home, Murphy beds allow you to get the most use out of a smaller area. With standard beds the flexibility of home design becomes limited because you aren’t able to play around much with the feng shui. Murphy beds have the unique ability to open and close as needed so that after a good night’s rest, you can open up the space for other activities and work to take place.

3. Customized Options to Suit Your Needs

Did you know we offer a variety of Murphy bed options? Nothing is better than a customizable solution to suit your biggest needs. If you need to have a bedroom double as a remote office, we offer office desk and Murphy bed hybrids! Do you wish you could offer guests a place to stay but don’t want them sleeping uncomfortably on the couch? We can create a convertible sofa and panel bed hybrids or incorporate a Murphy bed with your bookshelves too.

4. Perfect for Your Little Ones

More Space Place - Kids Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are a great option for families whether it’s for younger kids or your teens. We’re able to offer Murphy beds in a variety of sizes. Our custom-built Murphy beds are kid and teen-friendly. These beds free up space so that your little ones can have more space to play, create, study, and more. These adjustable beds are also safe to handle so you can have peace of mind.

Find Your Perfect Murphy Bed Today!

See for yourself why you should take a home a new Murphy bed today! We offer FREE consultations where we can discuss the storage features you need for your home. Now is the perfect time to get started on your next project.  

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