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The Incredible, Disappearing Murphy Bed

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Magic Man

Now you see it, now you don’t! That’s the magic behind the Murphy bed, a space-saving miracle that makes room where you need it – in the home office, den, or bedroom, to name a few spots.

The beauty of the Murphy bed is no illusion, though; no smoke and mirrors here. What it offers the user is a very real functionality with an attractive look. This is an invention first conceived over a century ago by William L. Murphy, a man with an amorous motive for making the most of his available space. But today’s Murphy bed, and the ease with which it’s opened for use and then stored away, might well look like sleight of hand to its inventor, were he around to see it work.

The modern Murphy bed by America’s top retailer of the product, More Space Place®, is a marvel of easy-to-use design and construction, available in a variety of styles to suit any taste. Where in your home will a Murphy bed help you create the space, comfort, and convenience you need to live the way you like? Consider these rooms where Mr. Murphy’s brainchild typically works its magic:

Desk Bed

The home office. It’s a textbook illustration of “the efficient use of space.” A single room serves two purposes – work by day, and sleep by night – thanks to this variation of the Murphy bed.



The den (or family room or library). Whichever name you call the room, it’s one for relaxation and leisure time, alone or with family and friends. With a Murphy bed concealed behind a gorgeous bookcase, ready to be folded down and stretched out upon, you can turn your den into a lovely guest room in just moments.



The bedroom. Whether it’s the master bedroom, a child’s bedroom, or the spare bedroom, here’s where the Murphy bed concept really shines. Why let the bed dominate the bedroom’s furnishings, and take up all of the floor space? It’s so simple to tuck the bed away into the wall unit, and just as simple to pull it out when you need it for sleep.

Let the experts at More Space Place conjure up a design and perform an installation that will make the Murphy bed work beautifully for you in your home! Find a showroom in one of fifteen states where More Space Place franchises are located.