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The Murphy Bed—like you’ve never seen it before!

In late 19th century New York City, entertaining was a must no matter the size of your home. From parlor cabinets to pianos, middle class families living in small homes tackled the social standard of hiding their beds in the most creative forms imaginable.  As more and more people moved into the city, apartment dwellers now faced the problem of combining entertaining and sleeping. In 1918, a young man named Murphy invented a wall bed that was designed to pivot on the frame of a closet door. This year, the Murphy Bed is turning 94 years old and we’d like to introduce you to 3 modern, contemporary wall beds that will change your outlook on this old standard.

The Cosmopolitan Panel Bed– The Cosmopolitan Panel Bed is unlike any other Murphy Bed. Rather than the standard vertical wall bed, this bed pulls out horizontally from its surrounding cabinet making it the perfect solution for narrow rooms or low ceilings.

The Desk Bed– The Desk Bed is a revolutionary product perfect for any dual purpose room. Both practical and innovative, the Desk Bed can be used as a spacious work area and easily glides down to reveal a comfortable bed for sleeping- without removing or unplugging anything!

The Chesterfield Bed-Over-Sofa Panel Bed– It’s a bed. It’s a sofa. It’s a bed-over-sofa? Forget what you’ve come to associate the term sofa bed with- hard, uncomfortable, ugly- this bed will completely change your perspective. The Chesterfield Bed-Over-Sofa Panel Bed stylishly converts extra seating to a comfy sleeping space in seconds. Simply remove the cushions and pull down the bed. The Chesterfield Bed rests between the arms of the sofa.

With infinite combinations of styles, finishes, cabinets, door pulls and more, every More Space Place product is completely customizable to your space saving needs and personal taste. More Space Place is proud to be America’s number one Murphy Bed retailer for 25 years.