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The Murphy Bed Revolution

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The Murphy Bed is revolutionizing the way people save space. For years people have given a single purpose to rooms throughout their home. They have a guest room, a living room- but what if one room can be used for multiple purpose?

Meet the Murphy Bed. Some have called this space saving solution magic, but we call it genius. We want to help you say goodbye to your standard, boring bed and hello to this space-saving, multi-purpose adding dream. Once you read this, it will be easy for you to see why people around the world are joining the Murphy Bed revolution!

Room size varies based on many factors, but let’s say your guest bedroom is about 10’ x 13’. A queen-size bed is approximately 5’ x 7’ and quickly eats up a tremendous amount of space in such a small room that rarely gets used. Adding a Murphy Bed with custom cabinets will allow you to use that room for a home office, a craft room and a guest bedroom without having to knock out walls or add on to your existing home. Murphy Beds take up wall space not floor space. Our queen-sized Dreamsaver Murphy Bed only takes up 16 inches of your floor space when in the closed position. Think about what you could do with all that extra space!

JJ Kempler in Austin, Texas joined the Murphy bed revolution in October. He turned his guest bedroom into home office with a Murphy Bed. We even included his TV into his custom cabinetry.

Stop wasting space and start saving space! Call More Space Place today and take the first step in joining the Murphy Bed Revolution!