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The Perfect Christmas Gift

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You love your kids. You’ve been there to wipe their noses and bandage their scraped knees. You’ve even bought a few SAT prep books.

Recently, your young adult flew the coop. They packed their bags and headed off for their first semester at college. As finals loom, your student will be spending a lot of time in their dorm cramming for the big tests. College is a trying time. This Christmas, give your student the gift that will help them succeed even farther in school: the Desk Bed.

The revolutionary Desk Bed is the ultimate two-in-one furniture. Its sleek design is perfect for students because it provides a study area that can enhance learning. The Desk Bed is unique because it features a special balancing mechanism that allows you to effortlessly push down the desktop and reveal a hidden bed in one motion.

Most reading lamps, laptops, printers, books and other desk items less than 17 inches tall don’t have to be moved to convert the Desk Bed from a desk to a bed.  Safety is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why the Desk Bed utilizes a unique locking system to ensure that the desk stays securely in place. The space-saving Desk Bed easily fits in a dorm room and is available in twin extra long so you won’t have to buy new sheets!

Did we mention that the Desk Bed can be customized in 19 laminate color or color combinations and 15 wood finishes? You can personalize it even more with side cabinetry and hutch options.

It doesn’t take a college student to know that the Desk Bed is the perfect Christmas gift! Visit one of our 26 nationwide locations today and let our expert designers help you choose the perfect Desk Bed for your straight A student.