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The Shoe Fits Every Time with More Space Place Custom Closets

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High Heels

The way an incredible pair of shoes can make you feel is difficult to put into words. For some of us, we walk a lot taller while wearing a sexy pair of stilettos, or others may feel more relaxed in a comfortable pair of ballerina flats. Either way, the right pair of shoes can make your day. But the most challenging part of having a love affair with shoes, is finding enough room to fit all of them in one closet.

Custom Closets are a Shoe Lover’s Dream Come True

Shoe Lovers Dream

At More Space Place, not only do we love shoes, we love people who love shoes. And that’s important when building closet systems. Whether you own a dozen or more than a hundred pairs, our expert designers create custom closets to fit each customer’s shoe collection. Well, the entire wardrobe too!

But shoes, oh those gorgeous shoes we simply can’t part with, must fit in our closets. No ifs, ands, or buts. And now you don’t have to. Our closet systems can accommodate all the shoes you have, while saving space for the new ones you won’t be able to resist the next time you’re shopping. Oh, and if you think we’re only talking about women here, we know many men who love their shoes too.

Love Isn’t a Battlefield with Custom-Built Closet Systems

If you share a bedroom, sharing a closet can be an ongoing battle with your spouse or significant other. Custom closets by More Space Place can end the struggle with shelving built specifically to fit both people’s needs, all in one space. So no more shoving his or her shoes to the back of the closet to make more room for yours. We aren’t accusing anyone, but it does happen. That’s why one of the reasons our closet systems offer virtually unlimited space for your shoes, they are also custom-built for easy access.

Custom ClosetOur custom closets are perfectly tailored to save you time when you’re getting dressed. So if you want your shoes all in one place and on several shelves, we’ve got you covered. If it’s easier for you to have your shoes displayed below your hanging wardrobe, you can have that too. We guarantee that you will have the closet of your dreams, and quite possibly the envy of every shoe-lover you know.

For a complimentary custom closet consultation, log onto to find the nearest More Space Place showroom.