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The Storage Features You Need for a Tidy Laundry Room

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custom laundry room cabinets

Do you find yourself dreading laundry day because you end up with piles of clothing everywhere? Do you wish you had more room for washing, folding, and drying? It is often the case that laundry rooms are not as functional as they can be. Laundry and other chores don’t have to become a source of stress at the end of each week. We can help! At More Space Place, we specialize in custom storage solutions for laundry rooms, utility closets, pantries, and more. We’ll build the laundry room you’ve been dreaming of so chores will become a breeze.  

custom laundry room cabinets

Sort Your Laundry with Custom Laundry Baskets

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep all of your dirty laundry in one room? Our custom baskets are great for keeping unwashed laundry grouped together. Want to save on time? We recommend incorporating multiple baskets to sort laundry quickly and easily during the week! Have different baskets for delicate items, dark colors, light colors, and label each one. This way, your kids and teens will be able to contribute to the to-do list. Smaller baskets are also great for compiling your cleaning supplies!

Store Your Laundry Day Essentials in One Place

All of your laundry day items such as detergents, softeners, stain removers, and more should be kept in one easy-to-reach location. Many laundry rooms come with shelving that is too high and not big enough to store everything. We offer custom shelving and dividers to better organize your supplies. You may also consider pullout shelving.  Storing similar items together is a great way to keep the laundry room organized.

Custom Cabinets Dedicated for Cleaning

Another good feature to include in your laundry room are custom cabinets. It’s likely that the laundry room may also serve as a place to store pet supplies and other cleaning products. Cabinets will keep these items neatly out of sight!

A Folding Station

Lastly, consider implementing a folding station! We can custom build ample desk or counter space so that you can get everything done in one place. No more having to fold your clothes in the living room or bedroom! Need more space to hang up all of your clothes? Maybe it’s time to also invest in a custom closet too!

Start Planning the Perfect Laundry Room Today!

Gift yourself more free time on the weekends and invest in the laundry room you’ve been waiting for! Give our experts a call for a FREE consultation. At More Space Place, we strive to provide high-quality custom storage solutions for every room in your home.

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