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Three Ways to Store Sporting Equipment in a Mudroom

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white entryway wall unit for storing sporting equipment

With the New Year right around the corner, now is a perfect time to make space in your mudroom to house all of your sports equipment. Whether your children have decided to participate in upcoming winter sports or you made it a new year’s resolution to attend more fitness classes, you will need a place that fits all of your active equipment. Below are a few ways to store and organize your sports equipment in your mudroom so that getting out the door for games and practices is stress-free! 

Store Athletic Shoes Separately From Everyday Shoes 

How often has your child been late to practice because they can’t seem to find their cleats among the pile of shoes in your mudroom? We’ve all been there, but a quick solution would be to create a separate shoe rack solely for your athletic shoes. By organizing your shoes by type, you no longer have to sort through boots and sneakers to find the pair you’re looking for. If you don’t have the space for two shoe racks, designate the bottom few shelves for your athletic shoes and store everyday shoes on the top! To further differentiate your shoes in the mudroom, you could dedicate a shelf on the shoe rack for each child. Here at More Space Place, we offer many different wall units with built-in shoe rack options that meet all your shoe needs. 

Use Storage Bins in Your Mudroom

Items you may not want out on display but still want to be easily accessible can be stored in containers in your mudroom. Snow pants, gloves, and scarves are a few of the many winter items that can be stored in bins. Storing these cold-weather items in your mudroom also keeps any snow from traveling to other places in the house. Taking your scarves and gloves off and putting them in their designated bins after a long day outside is a great way to keep your mudroom tidy and organized. 

Brown entryway wall unit for storing sports equipment

Utilize Vertical Space by Storing Bags on Hooks

A great way to stay organized is to put all your sports essentials in a backpack or duffle bag and hang it on a hook. Maybe your child is an avid soccer player and needs shin guards and a soccer ball for practice. Store them in a backpack and hang them on a hook! This way, everything your child needs for that specific sport is in one location. This organization method also helps if you have multiple children playing multiple sports, as you can better differentiate which equipment is for which child. 

With these tips, you can have a cleaner, more organized entryway that houses your sports equipment for the entire family! Whether you’re looking for additional shoe storage or hooks to store gym bags, More Space Place is here to help! Contact your local experts for a custom entryway wall unit today!