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Tips For Building Your Home Office Space

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custom home office and desk

If you find yourself doing a lot of your work in a home office, then you’ll want one that fits you perfectly. The home office is not a one-size fits all space. It should suit the plethora of professions, preferences, and work habits that you have. Read on to learn our tips for creating a home office that’s perfect for you!

Finding The Right Spot

Some homes may have an extra room committed to their home office. If that applies to you, great! If not, don’t worry! While it may be nice to have this dedicated area to work in, you don’t need it to create a viable home office.

There are lots of spots you can share your home office with. You can put it in the family room, where a desk can rest next to the window. An office setup could fit into a walk-in closet, provided that you add appropriate lighting to the space as well. If you have a guest room, you could quickly transform that space between a home office and a guest room using a Murphy bed. This is your chance to be innovative and choose the space that you can best incorporate a home office into!

Maximizing Your Space

No matter where you decide to put your office, you want to ensure that you are maximizing the space that you have. While the desk is taking up the horizontal space, you want to utilize your vertical space too! The area above your desk is a great spot to make use of. If you need more places to keep things, then shelving can be installed. If you want a place to keep notes, then putting in a corkboard or something similar could work great. Filling up the vertical space is a great opportunity for you to get creative with your setup!

The Right Desk

You need the right furniture to ensure that your home office space is perfect for you. That often starts with the right desk. As said before, your profession and preferences will determine what is right for you. There are lots of different types of desks that you can get. You can get a writing desk for the bare necessities, a shell desk if you have vertical space to work with, a secretary desk if you want lots of storage space, and more. Knowing what the options are as well as the space you have to work with is a great first step to deciding what desk will work best for you.

Ready To Build Your Home Office?

You will be well on your way to creating a personalized home office space by following these tips. With More Space Place, you can speak with the experts to get started on the desk, furniture, shelving, and other things you want to include in this area. Feel free to contact us today to get design tips and ideas personalized for you!