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Tips to a Lovely Laundry Room

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If you’re anything like me, your laundry room can be quite chaotic if you aren’t careful. Use these tips to reorganize the crazy chaos into a lovely laundry room.


Begin by clearing the room. You should never leave clean clothes in the laundry room. Put them up where they belong, in your closet or dresser. You must also remove everything that does not belong in this area. Kids toys, kitchen utensils and other household items do not need to linger in the laundry room.

Once you have cleared the room, evaluate the area. Your laundry room must be functional. Do you have shelves or cabinets? Do you have enough laundry bins to separate your clothes? Do you have a rack to hang clothes? If you do not have these items, install them. This does not have to be an expensive endeavor, but it is important.

Next, you must sort through your collection of laundry cleaners. Toss all empty bottles. If you have two open bottles of the same detergent, combine them into one bottle to save room. Do not let those unused or half used items take up space or create clutter. Do the same with fabric softeners, stain removers and other cleaners. Store these cleaning products on a shelf closest to the washer.

Then, be sure to make a place to separate your laundry before washing. It is best to separate your dirty clothes in piles based on color. If you do not have enough space in your laundry room for multiple baskets, consider using vertical space and hanging baskets on the wall. Be sure to designate a bin for clothes that need to be hand washed and dry-cleaned.

Once you have organized your cleaning products, clothes bins and the layout of the room, it is now up to you to keep it clean. Do a little everyday. The key to an organized laundry room is to avoid a pile up when it comes to clothes. Keep things moving and always put them back where they belong!

Do you have any tips to creating a lovely laundry room? Share them with us!