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Transform Your Garage with More Space Place

Garage Storage Solutions

Through clutter and disorganization, the garage often becomes the most under-utilized space in a home. Miscellaneous objects, sentimental yet obsolete items, and holiday decorations build up into mountains of storage boxes you can hardly move. If this has happened in your home, consider upgrading your garage with a custom storage and organizational system from More Space Place. We provide racks, cabinets, shelves, and many other space-saving solutions that will make your garage clean and easy to use.

Whether you need more space to fit your car, a proper workbench, organized storage, or all of the above, More Space Place can help! Let us take you through some of the key elements we offer for making your garage the most organized room in the house.


Garage Organization More Space PlaceSlat Board Wall System

The way you use your garage often changes with the season. In the summer you’ll likely tuck away snow gear, but making it accessible in the winter is key. Our adjustable slatted wall systems make it possible to adapt your garage based on your needs year-round. Hooks, shelves, baskets, and more can be rearranged based on the equipment and storage you use most.


Garage Work Space OrganizersTool Racks                            

Are you sick and tired of misplacing tools or having to dump out your toolbox every time you need something? With our tool organizing systems, you’ll have easy access to all your tools whenever you need them. We provide wall mounted inserts that work in tandem with the slat board wall system to conveniently store all of your tools and keep them organized. All your most important tools can be displayed rather than tossed in a box with everything else. Furthermore, you can keep dangerous tools out of reach of young children.


Tool Organizers in GarageGarage Wall Cabinets & Shelving

Keep everything tucked away and in place with sleek wall cabinets and shelves. These are completely customizable to fit the space and your needs. We use sturdy engineered wood products to ensure that they last you through the years. In an area that is often exposed to more dirt, dust, temperature change, and moisture than the rest of the home, it is important to use materials that can stand up to the pressure.


Garage Storage SolutionsWork Benches, Tables, & Hutches

Once you’ve cleared out all the clutter, consider installing a customized workspace where you can build, fix, clean, or explore any hands-on hobbies! We offer a variety of materials for benches and worktops from laminate to hardwood, in order to provide a solid work surface. Convenience and durability are extremely important to our products; you can be sure your working area will stand up to your toughest projects.


We offer free in-home consultations to measure and plan out how to make the most of your garage. If you are ready to transform your garage into your favorite room of the house, contact your local More Space Place location!