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Upscale Your Closet

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Clos∙et – noun :  a small room, enclosed recess, or cabinet for storing clothing

Closets get a bad reputation for being small, cramped and dull. Somewhere amid the shelves, racks and hangers, clothes disappear and shoes get broken. We believe that your closet should be more than just a place to store your clothes and hide Christmas presents.

There are many benefits to having an organized and stylish More Space Place custom closet solution (read about them here). But using a custom organization system without adding the finishing touches is like buying a car without windshield wipers—it doesn’t make sense!

Think about the issues you harbor with your closet. One of my biggest closet pet peeves is having my belts and ties slip off of their designated hangers and end up on the closet floor. Specially designed tie and belt racks are great for keeping expensive silk ties and leather belts organized, displayed, and off of the floor.

No matter how organized your closet is clothes still get wrinkled. You spend your valuable time lugging hangers and hampers from the laundry room to the ironing board and then to the closet. Stubborn wrinkles can be a pain when you’re rushed to get ready. Adjustable ironing boards inside your closet can help reduce your steps and make quick touch-ups a breeze.

Retractable mirrors inside your closet can make getting ready less of a hassle. There’s no need to walk back and forth from the bathroom to the closet to look at your outfit. These mirrors pull out for the perfect panoramic view when you need them and stay hidden when you don’t.

Don’t settle for an organized closet—upscale it! Adding extra touches can make your day-to-day life simpler. Call, click, or stop by a showroom today and let our designers show you how a More Space Place custom closet and accessories can change your life!