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Use Your Custom Garage to Stay Organized This New Year

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custom garage organization cabinets

It’s officially the new year and with that brings the motivation to achieve all our New Year’s resolutions. From reading more to eating healthier, many of our resolutions revolve around becoming organized in 2020. However, the first step to being proactive is to ensure your house is organized and decluttered. Having a custom garage is a great asset to get your house in order after all the holiday fun. Read on to learn how our team at More Space Place recommends organizing your custom garage for the upcoming year.

garage cabinet storage slat wall

Cabinet Storage

To start organizing your home in the new year, first, use cabinet storage to put away seasonal holiday decorations and lights to be reused for the next year. Cabinet space can also be used to store pet toys, gardening tools, storable food products, and old items intended for future donations. 

Custom Shelving

Sturdy shelving is the perfect place to visibly keep all your tools while supporting the weight of them. Shelving prevents tools from getting tangled and offers space to keep track of small parts. Our shelving will ensure that no valuable materials go missing and stop you from completing a home project. Alternatively, you can use garage shelving to store book, CD, and DVD collections that no longer fit in your house.

Slat Board Wall System

A slat board wall system is a great organization system for a garage because it can be made to hold anything. The slats can be customized to include hooks, hangers, baskets, and additional shelves. Besides the common use of organizing your tool collection, some alternative uses for slat boards are to store laundry and cleaning products, sporting goods, and arts and crafts supplies.

Work Stations

In the case of a larger home garage, these spaces can be transformed to support hobbies you love doing. Work stations with an installed tabletop, bench, and drawers can be incorporated into your garage for different projects you are working on. In the case of a heavy-duty project, such as restoring a car, drawers and worktops are made of sturdy materials with the purpose of being resistant to scratches, damage, and collapse due to weight limits.

Your Next Step

Organize your home today with the help of a custom garage. Visit a showroom near you to meet with our More Space Place specialists, view 3-dimensional diagrams of what your garage could look like, and begin the design process.

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