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Ways To Convert Your Spare Room Into A Crafting Space

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Custom wrap-around desk with cabinets and shelving

When inspiration hits you don’t want to have to pull your supplies out of a closet and get everything set up before you can do what you enjoy. Having a designated space for your crafting supplies; whether you scrapbook, sew, or make handicrafts, can streamline your creative process and eliminate the frustrations that come with compromising on space. Read on to learn how More Space Place can help you convert your spare bedroom or office into a multi-purpose crafting room!

Create a Multipurpose Space

We understand that space in your home is at a premium, but creating a space for your hobby doesn’t mean you have to lose the utility of your spare room or office space. With a Murphy bed from More Space Place, you can retain the guest sleeping accommodations of your spare room for when you have visitors while being able to quickly and easily store the bed out of the way when you don’t.

Light grey closed panel bed

Murphy beds are available in a wide variety of designs and finishes to match your needs as well as your home’s aesthetic, and the additional shelving and drawers are perfect for storing materials and displaying finished projects!

A Space for Work and Play

If the room you want to convert is a home office space rather than a guest bedroom, More Space Place can help with that too. With office furniture and storage solutions, all custom-fit to your space and needs, you can transform your office into a hybrid space for work and play!

Custom wrap-around desk with cabinets and shelving

A custom desk will maximize your space while giving you plenty of surface area to do what you do. Custom cabinets, drawers, and shelves can be sized to perfectly fit the needs of your hobby, storing and organizing all of your crafting supplies within reach. If you’d like to go one step further toward creating the ultimate crafting space, consider one of our slat board wall systems. With hundreds of accessories to choose from you can hang tools, brushes, tape; and virtually anything on the wall right above your workspace for even easier access.

If you’ve been inspired to finally create your own designated hobby space, contact More Space Place for a free consultation and let your creativity run wild! Our experts create storage solutions custom-fit to your existing space!