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What You Might Not Know About Murphy Beds

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New Yorker wall bed

You probably know that getting a Murphy bed is a great way to maximize space in your house and ensure that you’re always ready for guests. But you may not be fully aware of all the features and options that wall beds provide. If you’re curious about Murphy beds or are considering adding one to your home, read on to learn about some of the lesser known benefits of Murphy beds.

They’re Comfortable

When you get a wall bed, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience and extra space. With most models, you have a variety of mattress and size choices, so you can select the option that best meets your needs. Pulling your Murphy bed up and down won’t bend or crease the mattress, so you can expect it to last and stay comfortable for as long as it would on a standard bed.

They Come In Many Styles

Most people don’t realize how many different styles of wall beds they can choose from. With some models, bookshelves function as doors for concealing the bed. With the Metropolitan model, the panel door comes down with the bed and functions as a mattress support so it doesn’t take up any extra space. The Cosmopolitan model folds out horizontally from the wall and works well as a daybed. These are just a few of the choices you have.

You Can Add Extra Storage Or A Built-In Desk

While many wall beds come with side cabinetry by default, you can also opt to add additional cabinets or shelving with most models. You can even add a built-in desk. Depending on the model and your space, you can have either a traditional desk next to the bed as part of the side cabinetry or a foldable desk that serves as mattress support when the bed is down. This is a great option for home offices that double as guest rooms and children’s bedrooms.

They Fit In Virtually Every Room

You might be concerned that your room isn’t large enough for a Murphy bed, but there is probably a model that will work for you. Because the Cosmopolitan is a horizontal panel bed, it’s a great choice for smaller rooms and rooms with low ceilings. The Metropolitan without side cabinetry is a good option if you need to keep the space to the sides of the bed clear. You can also go for a smaller mattress size.

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