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Why Having An Organized Laundry Room is Important This Spring

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Organized Laundry Room

Even though the groundhog saw his shadow this year, spring is just around the corner, and we all have that one room in our house that still has its winter clutter. For many of us, that space is often the laundry room. At More Space Place, we want to help you prepare your laundry room for whatever messes this upcoming spring throws your way!

Check Spring Cleaning Off Your List

Spring cleaning is one of the most avoided tasks on our “to-do” lists, but by organizing your laundry room, you’ll know where everything is when an unannounced mess pops up!

You are more than likely going to be spending time outside with loved ones this spring, and that can create new stains or needs for your laundry room that you did not see during the winter season.

Custom shelving and cabinet units are the perfect addition for the various-sized laundry supplies that you need to have stored away. Whether that be the bulky laundry detergent next to the dryer sheets, you’ll be able to grab them in one swift moment on the shelving units above your washer and dryer. Cabinet units don’t need to just be for laundry supplies but also ease for storing hats, batteries, or other miscellaneous items that need a new home.

More Space Around The Room

Installing a custom closet in your laundry room will help you maximize your space by having an area that can store bulky winter jackets and coats away. This will make way for the lightweight spring coats that you will dust off and hang up on the coat hooks above the workbench. Having hooks in your laundry also allows you to hang up your children’s various school and spring sports backpacks in one easy-to-grab location.

By having this space around the room, you can now move at the speed of light when cleaning stains on clothes or in your laundry room, and you will know exactly where to find the stain remover instead of rummaging around to find it. 

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