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Why You Should Get Customized Shelving In Your Closet

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Custom shelving units in closet

Closets can be one of the most unorganized places in our households. Oftentimes, we all throw our clothing into our closets with no real plan. However, once you accumulate too much clothing or shoes in the closet, it can be difficult to find the items you’re looking for. At More Space Place, we want to help you create a spacious customized shelving unit for your clothing and accessories needs. Read below for why you should get customized shelving units in your closet.


Usually, closets within households have one bar going across the entire closet, allowing you only to be able to hang everything up. With this specific design, it is likely that all of your shoes end up in a pile on the floor.

With customized shelving units, you could have an entire section dedicated to your shoe collection. No more having to stress about finding matching pairs of shoes. If you were to opt-in for the customized drawers, you would have a place to put all of your accessories or miscellaneous items while also having a couple of the bottom drawers for your pants. This leaves room underneath the shelving unit for luggage storage or oversized items. You can also have bars on either side to separate all the different types of clothing you have. With this custom feature, picking out an outfit for the day will feel like a breeze.

 Complement Your Interior Design

Even though your closet isn’t in the eyesight of your guest, it can still have the same overall aesthetic as the entire house. At More Space Place, we have different styles and finishes that you can choose from! If you have a brighter interior design feel, you should look into our lighter finishes. Lighter finishes make spaces feel significantly bigger, so even though you’re adding more shelves into your closet for more room, the lighter colors will bring in the natural light to brighten the whole space up! If your space has a darker detailed interior, we have darker finishes that will help highlight the types of clothing hanging in your closet and make your closet seem cozier for choosing the perfect outfit for the day.

Ready For Your New Customized Shelving Unit?

Contact More Space Place today for a free consultation! Our experts are waiting to help you choose the perfect customized shelving units and finishes for your closet.