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Why You Should Have An Organized Media Center

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Why your Media Center should be organized

March Madness is upon us, and we know that you and your friends will be cheering your teams on to victory, but first, we need to organize your media center. At More Space Place, we want you to be focused on the game and not the clutter surrounding your TV. Read below for why you should organize your media center before March Madness gets into full swing.

Fewer Distractions

Look around your media center. Do you notice all the stray DVDs, cords, video game consoles, and accessories lying around? Imagine missing the last-second shot that sends your team to the Championship because you are too busy staring at the mess in the room.

At More Space Place, we have customizable shelving and cabinet units that can store everything lying around your media center – no more pushing them further and further into the corner. Our home theater cabinets neatly hide away those pesky cords around your TV, allowing your space to look more sophisticated and cleaner. Have a collection of DVDs that need a place to live? Our cabinets allow for all your DVDs to be shown off, when necessary, but also out of sight when trying to focus on the big picture. We want to compliment your living situation, not take away from it!

Clean and Stylish Living Space

Our home theater storage units come in various finishes and styles, so your home will look clean and luxurious. Our lighter cabinet finishes will attract more natural light into your household and make smaller rooms feel bigger. Imagine all of your media center accessories in one place while also creating an illusion that you have more space in your media center for friends and family to gather in. Lighter finishes tend to work with a broader range of colors for whatever theme you have for your media center. Our darker interiors allow for an active lifestyle. If you have kids running around the house, darker cabinets withstand the typical wear and tear those kids might put on your appliances as they grow up. Also, darker cabinet finishes add warmth to a home and offer a more luxurious feel that lighter cabinet finishes don’t provide. Whatever finish you decide on, just know that you will have a clean, organized space for whoever sees your media center.

At More Space Place, we want to help you change your media center into an organized, luxurious masterpiece that causes no distractions when your team wins March Madness this year. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation or find your local showroom. Just because it’s called March Madness doesn’t mean your house needs to look like madness this March.