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 Why You Should Invest In A Closet Island

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Closet Island More Space Place

Have you been looking for something eye-catching to add to your walk-in closet? Well, look no further! Closet islands are the main focal point of any walk-in closet; plus they offer unique extra storage for items that you couldn’t initially find a place for. At More Space Place, we want your closet to be as spacious and organized as it should be breath-taking. Read below for why you should invest in a closet island.

More Space

When you see a closet island, the first thing you look at is a countertop—a perfect place to display your jewelry or handbags. A countertop is also a great place to put your everyday necessities for easy grab-and-go the next day so that you don’t forget anything. If you are someone who needs to get away from all the madness to focus on their work priorities, having an extra countertop in a tucked-away place would be the perfect getaway for you. Another great thing about closet islands is the multitude of drawers that can be installed, allowing for more space to put pieces of clothing that might not have had the perfect place in your closet. This eliminates the need to have a dresser within your main bedroom layout, giving you even more space than you originally planned.

Lounge Area

If you own a walk-in closet, you probably have an abundance of clothing items to choose from. If you were to opt-in for a seating bench installed with your island, it allows for a space to get ready at your own pace in the morning or when taking your shoes off after a long day. Plus, if you have your friends helping you pick out an outfit, they have a spot to lounge and watch as you give them a fashion show of the outfits you want to wear to any occasion.

Contact More Space Place For A Free Design Consultation

There are multiple reasons why you should invest in a closet island, from more storage to another place where you can get through your 9-5. Call More Space Place today to set up a free design consultation. Our experts are ready to help you take your closet game to the next level.