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Why Your Condo Needs A Murphy Bed

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Unfolded Cosmopolitan Panel Bed

Whether you live in a condo year-round or have one somewhere warm for the colder months, space is often at a premium. Maybe you have a large family or a lot of friends, and the size of your condo limits how many guests you’re able to entertain. More Space Place may have just the solution for you! Read on to learn how a Murphy bed can help you make the most of your condominium property.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

Put simply, a Murphy bed is a bed that folds away into a wall unit. Think pull-out couch, but actually comfortable and better looking. Murphy beds are available in standard mattress sizes; twin to king, and can be concealed in a variety of ways depending on your space and needs.

Concealed Bookshelf Bed
Unfolded Bookshelf Bed

A standard Murphy bed layout includes doors that conceal the bed when stowed away, and fold out to allow the bed to be lowered. We also have a variety of bookcase-style beds, with sliding shelves that make it so your guests would never know there’s a bed there at all. These are perfect for creating home office-guest bedroom hybrids.

If you’re looking for a sleeker design with fewer moving parts, then a panel bed may be for you. The decorative panel that hides the bed when hidden away folds down with the mattress and acts as its support. Another option for more narrow rooms or rooms with lower ceilings is a cosmopolitan panel bed. These fold out from the wall horizontally, rather than pivoting down from the head of the bed like other options. This unique style of deployment results in a smaller overall footprint, and makes cosmopolitan beds a great option for children.

Concealed Cosmopolitan Panel Bed
Unfolded Cosmopolitan Panel Bed

What a Murphy Bed Can Do For Your Condo

With our variety of Murphy bed options, you can increase the sleeping capacity of your condo to whatever you need. If you and your family live in your condo full time, these beds are great options for opening up play space in your children’s rooms or turning your home office into a guest bedroom in a matter of seconds.

If you own a condo as a vacation home, the addition of Murphy beds will allow you to bring all your friends and family along without having to worry about putting them up in hotels. Our low-profile options can be made to fit virtually anywhere in your home, and with dozens of finishes can perfectly match your existing styling!

If you’re interested in getting more out of your condo, contact More Space Place for a free in-home consultation. Our expert team creates custom-fit storage solutions allowing you to make the most of your space!