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Your Guide to a Great Garage

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Is it your dream to pull your car into a clean, organized garage at the end of the day? You can make that dream a reality with a little organizing and a lot of patience. Use these steps to get that great garage you’ve always dreamed of.


Take everything out. Your first step to a great garage is to completely empty it of all its contents. You may think you can skip this step and simply start sorting your belongings but DON’T! It may take a while but this step is crucial. Seeing your garage completely empty will allow you to look at it as a blank canvas with endless possibilities.

Sort into piles. Once you have completely emptied your garage, you then need to sort all of your belongings into separate piles based on their contents. Begin with general piles:

  • Trash
  • Items that belong in the garage
  • Items that don’t belong in the garage
  • Items that you need sell or donate

Obviously, you’ll want to throw the trash into a waste container. Then move the items that do not belong in the garage and the items you wish to donate, to a holding area so you can begin sorting the items that do belong. Next you will want to sort items that belong in the garage and put them in categories such as power tools, lawn equipment, toys etc.

Give everything a place. You must designate an area for each category you have made. It is a tedious task, but you must take the time to label everything. Labels help you find items quickly and remember where to put them after you have finished using them.

Use vertical space. If you want to use your garage to store your cars, you will need to use as much vertical wall and ceiling space as possible. Think height when hanging tools, rakes, bikes, fishing poles etc. You will be surprised how much more you are able to fit in your garage when utilizing this often forgotten space.

While the obvious functions of your garage are parking and storage, once it is organized and open, you will also have an area for outdoor parties, a place to work on your vehicle and a play room for your children when its raining.