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Desk Bed

Revolutionary bed and desk system

Desk Bed – is a revolutionary bed and desk system. The bed becomes a desk and then a bed again in one easy movement.

The desk remains perfectly horizontal as the desk pivots under the bed with the objects remaining on the desktop when the bed is in use.
Leave up to 66lbs. of weight on the desk without any adjustments.

The innovative design has enough clearance under the bed to accommodate your items whether it’s a computer and accessories, a sewing machine,  or crafting supplies!



Save Space and Money with our American Made Desk Bed.

The Desk Bed hardware was developed in 2003, in Uruguay by Juan Carlos Monestier, a mechanical engineer who wanted a solution for his space problems when his son returned after graduation to live in their modestly sized family home. The invention was an instant local success, and was internationally patented and first shown in the USA on the Oprah Show. More Space Place is proud to provide you with this revolutionary bed showcased with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Your desk bed will serve as a sleek, sophisticated work area during the day, and then at night you simply use the innovative folding mechanism to lower the desk and fold the bed out. The desk stays perfectly horizontal as it folds down beneath the bed – you could even leave a full cup of coffee right on the desk’s surface without spilling a drop!

A desk bed from More Space Place is perfect for:

• Guest bedrooms
• Kids’ bedrooms
• Home offices
• Medical offices
• Small apartments
• Dorm rooms
• Lofts
• And more

Download the Desk Bed brochure to see available finishes and specifications.