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Desk Beds

Desk Beds Are the Ideal Solution for Apartments, Home Offices & Any Other Small Workspace

Desk BedsDesk beds from More Space Place are the perfect solutions for anyone who has ever struggled with not having enough square footage in their life. Say goodbye to the days of uncomfortable cots, flimsy inflatable mattresses, and pull-out sofas that just don’t make the grade. Your new custom desk bed will offer you an organized workspace by day and a spacious, oh-so-comfortable bed by night. A desk bed from More Space Place is a smart solution that adds space, style, and functionality to any room.

Whether you’re considering a desk bed for your home office, a dorm room, or a hobby room, you can personalize your system to match the décor of the room and your personal design aesthetic. More Space Place offers desk beds in a wide array of styles and finishes with the following optional features:

  • Bookcases
  • Bookcases with door
  • Bookcases with doors and drawers
  • Bookcases with drawers
  • Hutches without doors
  • Hutches with doors
  • And more

The patented Hiddenbed™ allows the desk bed to be raised and lowered easily, so turning your day-time work space into a bed at night will be effortless. Plus, your desktop always stays perfectly horizontal so you don’t have to move a thing – not pencils, papers, laptops, or even cups of coffee!

Our desk beds also come in a variety of sizes to fit any room, and we offer mattresses in twin, twin long, and full. And you can rest assured that our mattress selection from Serta®, ranging from firm to luxuriously soft, will have you or your guests sleeping in total comfort. To learn more about bed systems or any of our innovative room solutions, such as wall beds, Murphy beds, or custom closets, contact us today.