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Hidden Bed | Hiddenbed™

A Hidden Bed Offers Endless Possibilities for Homeowners to Maximize the Space in Any Room

With a Hiddenbed™ from More Space Place, it’s never been easier for your home office to serve double-duty as a guest bedroom. You don’t need to undertake an invasive renovation, and you don’t need to clutter the room with a bulky pull-out sofa or useless furniture. We can show you how a sleek, beautiful desk can simply fold down to reveal a comfortable, fully made bed in a matter of seconds.

Most people assume that if a desk or workstation is concealing a hidden bed, the desk would need to be cleared off each time the bed is pulled down. Not the case with a Hiddenbed™. The revolutionary balancing mechanism allows the desk surface to stay perfectly horizontal, which means everything – your computer, papers, books, even a mug of coffee! – can remain on the desk, so there’s no hassle whatsoever when you switch from desk, to bed, and back to desk again. This hidden bed is also incredibly easy to operate, and our professional installers will make sure that you feel comfortable pulling it down and closing it back up.

In addition to being an authorized Hiddenbed™ retailer, More Space Place is also proud to offer a vast selection of custom built in beds, including:

Whether you want to maximize the space and functionality of your home office, the family’s media room, or a small loft space, More Space Place has an innovative, affordable solution for you. Contact us today or visit your local More Space Place showroom and a design consultant can provide you with a free, no-obligation CAD drawing of your new, multi-functional living space.