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4 Ways Murphy Beds Will Change Your Life

4 Ways Murphy Beds Will Change Your Life

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At More Space Place Hilton Head, we’re true believers in the power of Murphy Beds to transform our clients’ lives. Sound crazy? We promise it’s not! These space-saving super beds have been making lives easier for decades. Whether you choose a Murphy Bed to add a guest room to your home or to gain flexibility, Murphy Beds will change your life in these four big ways:

  1. Take the Stress Out of Hosting Guests – Did you know that most guest rooms are used only 10 days a year? With the price of real estate climbing once again, homeowners are making tough choices when it comes to the number of bedrooms they can afford in a home; for many, the cost and stress of a dedicated guest room is simply no longer an option. By adding a Murphy Bed to your home, though, you can reap all the benefits of a dedicated guest room when it’s needed and enjoy your space in other ways when it’s not.
  2. Add Storage To Your Spaces – Modern murphy beds are storage powerhouses that can increase the functionality of your home in ways you might not expect. Whether you opt for a Murphy Bed built into an entertainment center, into a home office, or in a creation all your own, these beds will help increase your home’s organization as they add new flexibility to your space.
  3. Change The Way You Look at Your Home – Once you’ve seen the power Murphy Beds have to transform your living spaces, you’ll start to look at your home a little differently. Our spaces should work for our needs, not against them, and installing a Murphy Bed helps reopen your imagination to what could be possible.
  4. Reinvigorate Your Design – Finally, Murphy Beds will change your life by reinvigorating your interior design. Our home is our base, and refreshing your design can give a much needed lift to your day-to-day experience. Modern Murphy Beds are stylish design centerpieces that you’ll be proud to show off.

If you’re ready to learn more about the wonders of Murphy Beds, call us today or visit our Hilton Head showroom.  We also offer free, in-home, consultations and proudly serve the greater Hilton Head, Savannah, and Low Country areas.

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