5 Tips for Tidying Up Your Walk-In

clean organized closet More Space Place Hilton Head
clean organized closet More Space Place Hilton Head

Many people find their closet an overwhelming space to organize, but it doesn’t have to be this way! With a little motivation from your local closet experts at More Space Place Hilton Head, you can transform your closet into a place of peace instead of one of chaos. Let us help you keep your closet clean by giving you these six tips to tidy up your walk-in closet! They’ll not only help you clean out your closet, but keep it that way, too!

Keep the Floor Clear

First and foremost, to have a clean closet, you must have a clean floor. This is necessary to maintain the peaceful environment you’re about to create. Don’t let clothes, shoes, or bags take over your floorspace. At the end of the day, pick up anything that might belying around and put it where it belongs. We promise, if you practice this every day, it will soon become an unconscious healthy habit.

Designate Off-Season Storage

The first step to organizing all your clothes is to decide which items you need for the current season, which you can store away for later in the year, and which you don’t use at all. Most of us will have a few items that we hold on to even without using them for years. Donate clothes that are just adding clutter and it will make organizing what you have left much easier. Using clear storage bins can help you keep an eye on everything you own, while still making space in your main closet.

Use Space Mindfully

One way to keep your drawers free from ruffled once-folded clothing is to roll up these clothes into a tube-like shape. When you roll shirts up and store them, they’re less likely to unfold and make your drawers a disorganized mess. Rolling them up might even save you some time compared to folding!

Designate Space for Everything

Having a drawer for each group of items might work for some, but we propose taking that concept a just a little further. Our custom drawers, shelves, and closet layouts work with your wardrobe to provide an organizational system like no other. Drawers of varying depth are perfect for anything from bulky jeans to delicate and valuable jewelry. Open shoe shelving will make it easy to find the perfect pair on your way out to work and sleek cabinets will minimize the clutter you see when you walk into your closet.

Get Your Dream Closet Today!

While there are plenty of tricks to keeping your closet tidy, there’s nothing like walking into your own personally designed closet. Luckily for you, the team here at More Space Place Hilton Head is ready to help you! Whatever you’re dreaming of, we can build it. Get started with a free in-home consultation to plan and design your custom closet. Call us today!

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