7 Tips for Planning the Ideal Custom Closet

custom closet Hilton Head

custom closet Hilton HeadIf your closet is more of a clothes hamper than an in-house boutique, don’t worry. More Space Place Hilton Head can help! A custom closet system is within your reach. Not sure where to start? Use these seven closet storage and organization tips to help get you on your way to creating a custom closet you’ll love.

1. Rotate Seasonal Selections

Designate an upper or back area of your closet with shelving and/or a rod for storing out-of-season wardrobe items. Planning ahead for what you’ll be using each season can help keep things organized, as well as help you know what kind of clothing storage you’ll need when planning the design.

2. Accent Reach-In Closets with Artful Details

If you have a reach-in closet with limited space, add interest to the drawers and cabinetry with ornate hardware and original details. Custom shelving and fully extendable gliding drawers can create a designated space for your jewelry, sunglasses, accessories, and other small items. Consider adding custom touches like a hanging rack for belts and scarves for heightened utility.

3. Versatile Kids’ Closets

Remember that kids often store much more than clothes in their closets. Plan accordingly for including shelving for games, toys, musical instruments, and wherever else their interests might lead them. With custom closets, organization and storage for variably sized items is easier than ever.

4. A Combined Shoes and Handbag Solution

Consider consolidating storage for your shoes and your handbags by designing shelves that can accommodate either. Instead of small cubbies that are only meant for two shoes, keep your shelving space open to allow for versatile storage of either shoes or handbags.

5. Creative Closet Closure Ideas

The typical closet door that swings open can take up a lot of space you might not have, intruding on your valuable square footage. Consider alternative closet closure options, such as artful curtains, space-saving sliding doors, pocket doors, doors with leaded or frosted glass inserts, or ornate French doors for a more decorative effect. More Space Place offers a variety of design options for homeowners across the Hilton Head, Lowcountry, and Savannah areas.

6. Add a Custom Wardrobe

If your closet is just too small even with added custom closet organization and storage, consider building a custom wardrobe unit right next to it. This can potentially double your closet storage space and add an elegant focal point to the room. You can leave portions of the custom wardrobe open to display key fashion accessories, or plan for sleek doors that enclose it when not in use. 

7. It’s All in the Details

Make your closet your own with all the fine details that custom closets can offer. Drawer dividers allow you to parcel the space of a drawer to store smaller items like gloves, sunglasses, small clutches, and other accessories more conveniently. Adjustable shelving provides versatile storage that changes along with your needs.

Whether your home has small reach-ins or spacious walk-in closets, you don’t have to settle for what came with the home. Use these tips for planning amazing custom closets that maximize closet storage and organization. Contact More Space Place Hilton Head today to schedule a free in-home design consultation, and let us help you create the perfect custom solution that fits your style!


Photo: © Kwanchai_Khammuean