Building the Perfect Entertainment Center for Your Bluffton Home

Entertainment Center -More Space Place Hilton Head

The days of traditional media centers are overdue to the rapid changes in technology. More families in Bluffton are choosing to upgrade their living rooms or home theaters by installing contemporary entertainment centers. Our experts at More Space Place of Hilton Head can work with you to help you find a custom media center that is better suited for newer TVs and projectors.

Custom Entertainment Center -More Space Place Hilton Head

Perfect Placement

Planning ahead will save time in the long run. Avoid unnecessary stress by first deciding what you’re looking for in an entertainment center. Unlike store-bought options, we understand that one-size doesn’t always fit all.  We can work with you to design the furniture the way you see fit! Ensure the there is ample space for your tv to be displayed and that the height of the furniture doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Get Organized

Custom Closet - -More Space Place Hilton Head

Re-envision your new space with a media center that has a fresh look and feel. Our design team can help you select the storage solutions you’re looking for. This is the opportune time to clean up the clutter that has built up in the cabinets of your old entertainment center over the years. If you’re in need of additional storage, we are happy to work with you on building a custom closet for whatever you need!

Make a Statement

The TV doesn’t have to be the only source of conversation in the room. Utilize our custom shelving to showcase your favorite family photos, art pieces, and other fun pop culture memorabilia. This adds a nice personal touch and livens up the gathering space. Custom shelving can also serve as a space to keep your favorite movie or record collection!

A Space for Game Nights

Always be ready to host a game night by storing other entertainment items such as board games and cards. Our custom home theater cabinets also allow you to store everything from gaming consoles and videogames to cable boxes and a space to hide those pesky wires.

Increase Functionality

Living Room Murphy Bed -More Space Place Hilton Head

Be every guest’s favorite host by incorporating a custom Murphy bed into the space! Murphy beds are comfortable wall beds that are hidden during the day and can easily be pulled down when it’s time for bed. Murphy beds come in a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes to suit your personal style.

Plan Your Next Project in Bluffton Today!

See for yourself why homeowners in Bluffton love working with us! We will gladly work with you on your next home improvement project. From custom closets to garage storage solutions, we are happy to help and offer FREE consultations. We proudly serve the greater Lowcountry areas.

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