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How To Sort Your Holiday Decor

As you start to pack away your Halloween décor and prepare for the upcoming holidays, you should think about the best way to store all of your holiday decorations. How much time are you wasting digging around through boxes to find the right décor? A good organization system can make holiday prep easy. The experts…

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Key Features of a Custom Home Office

As technology and industry continue to change, more and more people are able to work remotely. However, in order to be successful working from home, you need a well-designed space to encourage productivity and focus. Whether you have a job that allows you to work at home or you are an entrepreneur building your own…

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Custom Boutique Style Closets For Your Home

There's no denying that the way boutiques arrange their displays not only help you enjoy the clothing more, but also encourage you want to spend more time inside. Boutiques make an enormous effort to make sure everything in the display space is easy to see and stays in good condition. Since we love boutiques, we…

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How To Use Your Spare Room

More Space Place of Hilton Head is not merely interested in providing new space, but also getting the very most out of existing space! In a lot of homes, spare rooms are notorious for becoming inefficient and disorganized. Today we ask, why not work with what you’ve got and turn your spare room into a…

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Organizing Your Laundry Room

At More Space Place of Hilton Head, we understand that laundry rooms are all about utility. With limited space and the important work of cleaning your clothes, it is critical that a laundry room cater to the needs of homeowners as effectively and smoothly as possible. That’s why we’re bringing you these organization and storage…

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Organizing and Managing Kid Clutter

Everyone has walked in on this scene: what once was an apartment or house has become a fluorescent heap of various children’s toys. Kid clutter is a kind of minor catastrophe in family homes. Maybe you never meant to buy them quite so many toys, but over time, a kid’s playthings add up. Combined with…

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3 Organizational Principles to Live By

organizational principles More Space Place Hilton Head

Keeping your busy life organized can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why More Space Place Hilton Head has compiled the following three organizational principles to help you stay on track, get things done, and be free from the mental clutter of your to-do list. 1. Don’t Use It? Get Rid of It A good rule…

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How to Complete a Total Home Inventory

How to Complete a Total Home Inventory More Space Place Hilton Head

Creating a home inventory can seem daunting at first, but with a little patience and a game-plan you can easily accomplish this task and reap the benefits from this important document in the future. More Space Place Hilton Head is in the business of organization and wants to help you thrive and be productive by…

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Create A Pantry Organization System That Works

Often household storage areas—such as the pantry—are built quickly without much thought to the design. Then, once these areas are used, they quickly become cluttered and disorganized. But More Space Place Hilton Head is here to help! We create a custom pantry area that is tailored to your space and lifestyle. Read on for some…

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Three Benefits of a Custom Murphy Bed

Are you looking to create a bit more space in your home without having to sacrifice possessions you love? Does your growing family need more organization, yet lack the functional furnishing that would make that possible? What if we told you that you could accomplish all of these goals and get a better night’s sleep,…

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