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Create A Pantry Organization System That Works

Create A Pantry Organization System That Works

kitchen pantry area in Low CountyOften household storage areas—such as the pantry—are built quickly without much thought to the design. Then, once these areas are used, they quickly become cluttered and disorganized. But More Space Place Hilton Head is here to help! We create a custom pantry area that is tailored to your space and lifestyle. Read on for some inspiration on how to design and organize this space.

Determine What Your Pantry Is Used For

create a custom pantry to suit your needs

Some people love to cook, some people love to entertain, and some people are wine or coffee connoisseurs. Different people use their pantries for different things. Regardless, a pantry is meant to be practical and user-friendly. To make your pantry suitable for your needs, first determine what those needs are.

What do you primarily store in your pantry? Is it mainly used for food items like bulk supplies, canned goods, spices, and coffee and tea accessories? Or is it used for small kitchen appliances, cookware, bakeware, and extra serveware? Additional items may include kitchen and dining linens, novelty items, decorations, cookbooks, and cleaning supplies. Create a list of the primary items you store in your pantry, so you can create a design that fits its purpose.

custom pantry storage in Hilton HeadCreate Your Custom Storage Solution

Once you have identified what you store in your pantry, you are now ready to create a storage solution. Baskets can be used for dry-stored produce. While door racks can be used to store spices, keeping them both easy-to-reach and visible. Other food items can go in shelves and cabinets, and a Lazy Susan can be used for awkward corner spaces.

Further optimize your pantry by creating custom shelf heights to store larger appliances. Or protect your appliances from collecting dust in custom-sized cabinets. Meanwhile, pullout shelving is excellent for storing flat cookware and bakeware, and dividers can be added for further customization. Lastly, use hooks and hangers for cleaning supplies and aprons.

Get Started Today

For further assistance in designing a useful pantry, call More Space Place Hilton Head and schedule a complimentary, in-home design consultation. Or you can visit our Bluffton showroom. Our designers are ready to take on any challenge your home may bring and create a final product that is both beautiful and functional.

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