Custom Closet Uses for Your Savannah Home

Custom Craft Room Closet - More Space Place Hilton Head

Do you find yourself constantly digging through things in your messy closet? Do you find yourself wishing you had more space for everything? If you run into issues often with your current storage system, it may be time to rethink and invest in a new custom closet. At More Space Place of Hilton Head, our design team can help you build the custom closet of your dreams! Here are some great uses for custom closets in your Savannah home.

A Place for Your Passion Projects

Custom Craft Closet - More Space Place Hilton Head

Custom closets are not just for organizing your clothes. Our ability to customize multiple features of a closet allows you to have a place to keep your hobbies organized too. We offer adjustable shelving so you can easily store art supplies, sewing equipment and more. This closet can be the hub for kids crafting supplies as well. Need more space? Consider opting for custom-built open storage cubbies to store larger and bulkier items.

Housing Your Dream Wardrobe

Custom Walk-In Closet - More Space Place Hilton Head

When it comes to building the custom closet you’ve been waiting for, we’ve got it all from wall-hung units to floor-based ones. Choose from a variety of finishes and paint shades that compliment your aesthetic. Utilize shoe racks and custom hanging racks to get more space out of the closet and neatly display your clothing. For any purses, bags, or hats the open cubbies work best and is a fun way to show off accessories!

Keeping Laundry Tidy

Custom Laundry Room Closet - More Space Place Hilton Head

Another great use for a custom closet is for your laundry room! Our experts can create custom pull-out hampers so that you can get cleaned and organized quickly each laundry day. This is a great feature to help kids help out with chores too. Use the custom shelving or cubbies to store baskets that neatly keep all your laundry day needs tidy.

Have Your Dream Custom Closet Built Today!

Ready to get started? Reach out to schedule a consultation! At More Space Place of Hilton Head, we pride ourselves on providing excellent value to our customers and will gladly help out with your next home improvement project.

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