How To Bring Organization Back To Your Garage

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Are you tired of having your car parked outside because it can’t fit in the garage? If the answer is yes, you aren’t the only one. Many homeowners in the Hilton Head and Savannah area struggle with keeping their garage clean and organized. It’s an easy go-to storage room for the things that are taking up room inside the house, which causes it to become crowded and cluttered. The experts at More Space Place are here to help! We can bring organization back into your garage to make room for your car and keep your items and tools in their place.

Ample Shelving & Cabinetry

One of the main components of garage organization is a unit with plenty of shelves, cabinets, and drawers. Opting for a custom shelving unit over a store bought one is even better because you can design the storage system to fit your own personal needs. You can store bins and boxes on the shelves to make for easy access of your items. Make sure the bins are labeled so you know where things are. Drawers are great for smaller items that tend to get lost or misplaced, such as tools, nuts and bolts, and random knick-knacks. For even better organization, go even further and use drawer separators to keep like items together.

Utilize Wall & Ceiling Space

Many people don’t realize the walls and ceilings can also be used for storage. Utilizing these areas can free up floor space to the garage so you can have more room for exercise, a workbench, or custom storage. Install a pegboard with hooks on the wall where you can hang things like brooms, shovels, garden tools, and ladders. You can also hang other things like extra shelves or smaller drawer systems. Ceilings can be used for storing larger items that don’t get as much use, such as bikes, kayaks, or other sporting equipment. There are many different hanging and hook systems that can be installed on the ceiling for easy and secure use. If you use your bike regularly, it might be better to hang it on the wall or from one of the lower shelving systems for easier access.

Give your car back the garage today with a new custom storage system. To start the process of giving your garage an organizational makeover, contact the experts at More Space Place today! We proudly serve the greater Hilton Head and Savannah areas, where we offer free in-home consultations.