How to Make a Custom Multipurpose Living Room

custom entertainment center hilton head
custom entertainment center hilton head

These days, people want a home that feels unique and comfortable, but also purposeful. For example, if you notice you’re not spending a ton of time in your living room, there’s a good chance that it’s not fulfilling your needs and could use improvement. With a handful of upgrades, you can make your main living area into the multipurpose room of your dreams. Here are a few custom features you can add.

Entertainment Center to Contain the Games

Lots of children and plenty of adults love gaming in their free time. The trouble is that it can get difficult to keep the consoles and wires under control, especially if you have several of them. Consider a fresh take on the classic entertainment center. Custom cabinets or drawers will keep everything organized when you need to use it and out of sight when company comes over. You won’t have to sacrifice floor space either, our sleek designs will keep clutter off the floor and complement your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Desk for Homework and Work Tasks

No one likes to sprawl out on the floor with a laptop and a bunch of books or papers. Instead of losing the dining room table to this effort, you can easily add a custom desk to create a mini home office in your living room. Just select an unobtrusive corner of the room for the desk, and make sure there’s an outlet underneath so you can charge devices or plug in a printer. You can also install shelves above or drawers below to keep your new workspace clear. Maximizing available space is our specialty, just ask us how we can help!

Open Storage for the Kids

Getting kids to keep a room clean takes practice, but they also need to be able to find everything. Open storage in bins or cubbies makes it easy for small hands to reach in to grab or put away. Making everything visible allows toddlers and very young children to learn quickly where certain things need to go. If you like the idea of open storage but worry about how it will look after a long week, invest in baskets or bins that easily slide in and out to keep the external look clean.

custom living room murphy bed hilton head

Murphy Bed for Guests

If you wish you had space for a guest room, you might love adding a Murphy bed to your living room. Modern designs look sleek and stylish, allowing you to create sleeping space without compromising the style of your living room. You can choose a bed that is just the right size, with extra features like shelves or storage.

Get Started Today!

With the right tips, your living room can quickly meet all of your needs in one space. Let the experts at More Space Place Hilton Head show you how easy it can be. To learn how you can get started today, schedule a free in-home consultation to talk to our design consultants or visit our showroom.

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