Organizing and Managing Kid Clutter

hilton head organizing managing kid clutter

hilton head organizing managing kid clutter

Everyone has walked in on this scene: what once was an apartment or house has become a fluorescent heap of various children’s toys. Kid clutter is a kind of minor catastrophe in family homes. Maybe you never meant to buy them quite so many toys, but over time, a kid’s playthings add up.

Combined with their clothes, crafts, and lunch leftovers, you’re looking at a potential whirlwind of clutter that can whip up over the course of a single day, leaving parents exhausted and flustered. We at More Space Place of Hilton Head know all about kid clutter, and today we’re bringing out our major tips and techniques for managing the recurring menace of childhood mess-making!


The more toys a kid has access to, the less interesting they are likely to find them. We recommend a rotation system. Drawers in the kids’ rooms can feature a rotating selection of toys. If you have too many toys to keep up with, try storing most of them away and making a select few available for a set time period.

With fewer options, kids will appreciate the toys that they have. Fewer options also means fewer toys with which to clutter the house! When the kids are tiring of the current rotation, swap the current drawer toy set with another! If you want to get really creative, you can do weekly themes, like animal toys, or vehicle toys.


To keep kid clothes from piling up, make it easy for them. Pull-out laundry drawers are a neat way for kids to toss dirty clothing into its own slot. Kid closets can feature these drawers or similar bins, but it’s important that each child’s bedroom has a laundry option. Putting clothes in the drawer is just as easy as leaving them on the floor.

How Much is Too Much?

hilton head organizing managing kid clutter

It’s easy for kids’ belongings to get out of control when they have too many. A simple solution is to select your preferred storage method, be it shelves, racks, or cabinets, and designate your storage system as the ultimate dictator of space allowance.

That is, if there are too many craft supplies or toys to fit in the identified storage space, then you have to get rid of something before you add anything new.

Drawers should be able to close all the way, and if the kids can’t make that happen, they know something has to go.

Random Item Bins

Closets are a great place to keep bins where all the left-behind kid stuff goes. Toys left in the living room go into a small bin in a nearby closet, and as the bin fills up, it is the kids’ responsibility to carry it to their bedroom and put the toys away. This way they aren’t always making trips back to the bedroom when a toy is left out.

You can even use low shelves with labeled bins for toy types: cars, dolls, animals, etc. When one fills up, off it goes to the bedroom!

Space Solutions for Your Home

More Space Place of Hilton Head is ready with your new storage solutions. Whether you need organizational tools or simply a way to make your space your own, we offer free in-home consultations for homeowners who are ready to make life easier and more streamlined. Contact us today and make your home just a little happier.

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