Organizing Jewelry with Custom Closets

hilton head jewelry storage custom closet

hilton head jewelry storage custom closet Take your closet organization to the next level with customized features made just for you. While closets are fundamentally just a place to store your clothes, there are multitudes of custom closet storage options for other items such as jewelry and other accessories. From boxes and trays to hanging displays, More Space Place of Hilton Head wants to talk about the exciting dual functionality of jewelry storage systems: safekeeping and decoration!

The Drawer

Jewelry storage drawers are perhaps the most straightforward accessory on this list, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for customization. Jewelry drawers can include elaborate sliders and colorful felt inserts for jewelry as you tuck it safely away for the night. The insides of the drawers can be further customized to accent your jewelry collection, and they can be arranged into broad sections or tiny cubicles for smaller pieces.

Selectively placed glass panes can allow for more visual access to a jewelry collection. A glass drawer top, for example, will allow you to pull individual drawers one at a time, and see exactly what is contained in each successive drawer below! Ultimately, closet drawers are space-saving alternatives to jewelry boxes, and they stow efficiently against the wall in your custom closet space.

hilton head jewelry storage custom closet

Freestanding Display

Custom closets can easily accommodate necklaces and other hanging-type jewelry, like dangling earrings, with wall-inserted racks. These are ideal for jewelry that needs to hang loosely but securely when it’s not being worn. The racks can be customized to hold jewelry in vertical levels, or horizontally across a closet space. This way, your custom closet is beautified with hanging decorations!

Alternatively, make the most out of every inch of your closet space and utilize closet cabinet doors with interior racks for jewelry storage. Place your valuables against a contrasting backdrop of light or dark wood for a truly elegant look.  

Cabinet Surfaces

The surfaces of your closet cabinet storage system are an important aesthetic element of your storage experience. They are best chosen on the basis of your existing jewelry collection, so as to compliment the jewelry stored. Dark wood is a relaxing and refined choice, particularly with deep red inserts within the drawers. The gold and silver of your jewelry collection can really pop with enticing contrast this way.

Let Us Help!

More Space Place of Hilton Head is dedicated to maximizing the space of your custom closets, no matter what you need to store! From jewelry to hardware, we can help you reach a satisfying storage solution. Call us or schedule a free consultation online to begin your next space-saving project!

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