Organizing Your Laundry Room

hilton head laundry room

hilton head laundry room

At More Space Place of Hilton Head, we understand that laundry rooms are all about utility. With limited space and the important work of cleaning your clothes, it is critical that a laundry room cater to the needs of homeowners as effectively and smoothly as possible.

That’s why we’re bringing you these organization and storage tips for laundry rooms in need of an upgrade. Put efficiency first with our guide to making laundry rooms into personal clothes-cleaning stations in your own home.

Identify Shelving Space

Every good laundry room features its array of tools and cleaning substances, so we at More Space Place of Hilton Head recommend using any nooks, corners, or otherwise unattended walls for laundry equipment shelving. We provide custom shelving to fit your every need, so no matter the available space, we have options. Shelves are a simple way to maintain supplies like detergents, fabric softeners, irons, or whatever else your laundry room might need.

Curtain Racks

Some laundry rooms come equipped with doors, but for those that don’t, there is always the curtain option. We specialize in various rods and other extensions, and a curtain rod is an easy way to close off a busy laundry room from the rest of your home, providing a sense of functional compartmentalization.

hilton head laundry room

Hanging Drying Rack

When designing a laundry room for efficiency, why stop at the floor and walls? The ceiling is a great place to add a hanging drying rack for clothes that need a slow dry, rather than the concentrated efforts of the dryer.

A short, ladder-style rack hung from the ceiling will provide ample space for coat hangers to sit and maintain important garments as they air dry in your laundry room. The hanging drying rack is also the perfect device for sensitive, hand-washed articles.

Fold It!

Any veteran laundry laborer knows how important folding is to the process of organized clothing. We recommend an installed folding shelf. This is a custom countertop we can install at just the right height for all your folding needs. With a customized folding station, you’ll get right into the flow of things: one load in the dryer, one on your folding table, and everything you need for clean, organized clothing at your disposal.

Your Custom Organization Experts

Don’t fold under the pressure of disorganization! Contact More Space Place of Hilton Head today and get started revolutionizing your living space with our numerous custom design options. We are here for you, providing free in-home consultations with no obligation. Are you ready for a transformed home?

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