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Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

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If you live in a small home or apartment in the Hilton Head, Lowcountry, or Savannah areas, you’ve probably come to understand the importance of efficiency. When you’re limited to space, you have to implement creative storage solutions to maximize the efficiency, comfort, and productivity of your living areas. Here we’ll explore some innovative ways to make small spaces organized and clutter free.

All-In-One Systems

Don’t be afraid to let your rooms, furniture, and storage systems pull double duty. Use a murphy bed to turn your home office into a guest room when needed. Shelving systems with the fold-up bed on one side and a work desk on the other, or “desk beds,” are both efficient and look great as furniture pieces. You’ll have a home office setup for daily use, but will be ready when last minute guests come to stay. You can customize these systems to have the shelving, cabinetry, and section separation that work for your needs and your design style.

Make Use Of Vertical Space

If you’re living in a small space, you most likely don’t have large rooms that can fit bulky furniture. This is when it’s important to consider your room’s height. Maybe the long, short shelving unit won’t work in the space you have. Instead, consider a tall and thin shelving system. It will take advantage of the floor-to-ceiling space available without taking up valuable floor space in the room. Vertical shelving can provide an effective storage solution while adding an interesting visual element.

Utilize Your Doors

When you’re limited to space, it’s important to make use of every area you can. That includes the doors! Use your closet, bedroom, or office door to hang a shoe caddy or coat rack on the back. You’ll be able to keep shoes neatly paired, easily accessible, and off the floor, or your favorite and most often used coats within convenient reach.

Stay On Top Of Clutter

Small space residents don’t generally get the luxury of having extra space for things that aren’t being used. If you have items that are rarely used and are taking up valuable space, such as out of season clothing or sports equipment, store them away. Use bins that can slide under your bed or containers on high closet shelves where they’ll be out of the way until you need them. Only leave things you use regularly accessible and visible.

If you’re ready to start designing your space-saving systems, call More Space Place Hilton Head today to schedule a free design consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect storage solutions for your small space, and help you maximize the utility of your home.

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