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Why Your Home Office Needs a Murphy Bed

Why Your Home Office Needs a Murphy Bed

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Here in Hilton Head, the Lowcountry, and Savannah, it’s never a surprise to find out you might have guests coming to stay during the popular summer tourist season. For many of us, though, the thought of fitting guests into our space seems like an impossible puzzle – especially as the housing market continues to rise, and space continues to be at a premium.

At More Space Place Hilton Head, we work hard to provide solutions for our customers that give them the flexibility they want to create the home of their dreams. One of our favorite solutions for solving the guest room dilemma is to install a custom murphy bed in your home office. Read on to learn what murphy beds can offer your home office, and why you should invest in one today!

1. The Best of Both Worlds in One Space – The office vs. guest room debate looms large for most potential homeowners. By installing a murphy bed or “desk bed” in your home office, you can end the debate once and for all. While most guest rooms are only used ten days out of the year, installing a home office will give you a workspace you’ll utilize all year long. Since murphy beds are available that are disguised as part of your desk or storage space, you’ll add to the design of your home office at the same time.
2. Make Guests Feel at Home – Of course, the goal of incorporating a guest bed into your home is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible in the space. While the murphy beds of old were known for thin mattresses, not for luxurious accommodations, today’s murphy beds are plush and exceedingly comfortable.
3. Don’t Sacrifice on Design – Not only are modern murphy beds more comfortable than ever, but they’re also more stylish. The murphy bed you choose for your home office will incorporate desk or storage space that will add aesthetic appeal to your office while also giving you the organization you crave. Talk about a win-win!

Ready to start your home office murphy bed project? Give the experts at More Space Place Hilton Head a call or visit our Bluffton showroom. We proudly serve the greater Hilton Head, Lowcountry, and Savannah areas.

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