7 Benefits of Custom Garage Storage & Organization

custom garage storage houston

custom garage storage houstonIf you’re like a lot of people here in the northern Houston and Spring, TX, area, the garage gets the least attention of any area in the home. At best, it’s a cluttered place to put tools, holiday decorations, and boxes of mystery items. At worst, it’s a dumping ground for the overflow of things that’s possibly even hazardous to walk around.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Custom garage storage can finally be your ticket to a clutter-free space. Here are seven benefits of a custom garage storage and organizational system:

1. A Clear, Open Floor

Tired of having just a small path to wind your way through to get to the car? With a custom storage system, all your items will finally be off the ground and easily accessible from modern cabinets, shelving, tool hanging systems, and other customized storage elements.

2. Versatility

Custom garage storage can be made flexible and interchangeable so you can adjust the configuration at any time. This can help with switching out seasonal items so the things you need the most will always be within easy reach.

3. Durability

Modern custom garage storage systems are sturdy and reliable. Durable shelving is offered for heavier items so you can rest assured your expensive tools can be stored safely. At More Space Place, our custom storage systems are built in our own factories and made to suit your needs. Our varieties of shelving and cabinetry options are built to last. Being able to specify your individual storage needs will help your expert design consultant assist you in selecting the ideal components.

4. Endless Design Possibilities

Since it’s a custom storage solution, you’re in control. You get to create a system that makes sense for your use and preferences. Enjoy the design process and create the ideal, modern, and convenient garage storage system you’ve always imagined.

5. A Perfect Fit

Custom garage storage will make the most of your specific garage configuration to seamlessly store your items. Vertical spaces make for easy, convenient storage of taller items like yard tools and ladders. A variety of different hanging solutions and mounts ensure even the most specialized tool or machine can have its own designated spot in your garage. Odd-sized items, like bicycles, hoses, hedgers, and leaf blowers, are no problem.

6. Increased Safety

With less clutter to navigate around on the floor, sturdy shelving and cabinetry, and no more precarious stacks of boxes teetering around the area, your garage will become a safer place. You can rest easier that your family will be safer when they’re in the garage.

7. Personal Design Just For You

“Custom” means every corner and area of your garage can be personalized to meet your specific usage and storage needs. You can include a workbench area that makes it easier to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off. Your custom garage storage system will include details that truly make it your own.

Why endure a cluttered garage for another season when you can have a safer, custom storage system built just for you? Contact the experts at More Space Place Houston today to schedule a free consultation!