3 Must Have Elements of a Custom Closet

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To achieve the perfect closet, there are some elements you should include. However simple these features may seem, they are often overlooked when planning a custom closet design. As your local closet experts, More Space Place Jacksonville has come up with three must-have elements of a custom closet.

Ample Lighting

One feature we think is important in every custom closet is ample lighting. Seems simple enough, right? Nonetheless, most people have experienced the frustration of a low-lit or no-light closet at some point in their search for their favorite sweater or left boot. Because they aren’t standard rooms in many Jacksonville homes, closets are often forgotten about when it comes to electrical wiring. If your current closet is one that has been left in the dark, or if it doesn’t have the ability to install wiring, there are battery-powered options that can be good lighting alternatives. If you’re considering designing your own custom closet, be sure to add ample lighting to your list of design elements. You won’t regret it!

Full-Length Mirror

Another must-have element in the perfect custom closet is a full-length mirror. This component is important, especially if your closet has any walking space. The convenience of having a full-length mirror inside your closet eliminates the need to walk back and forth to the bedroom or bathroom when trying to get ready. Making sure the mirror is full-length is key. For those who consider themselves fashion-minded, being able to see your outfit from head to toe is essential in order to give it a fair yes or no vote.

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Basket Space

The third must-have element for a perfect custom closet is a place for baskets. Designating a space for a couple of baskets in your closet is a worthwhile addition. For one, they are great for holding dirty laundry because there are many style varieties that look better than your traditional laundry hamper. Having an extra basket can also work well for miscellaneous items that you want to store out of the way. Whether creating a small cubby space or allowing for one of the closet’s corners to be the basket corner, you’ll find these small additions will prove their value early on.

If you’re tired of your old closet and want to start anew, contact the experts at More Space Jacksonville and schedule your free design consultation. We’ll help you design the perfect and most efficient custom closet for your space.