4 Creative Shoe Storage Solutions to Try Today

From our years in the closet organization and storage industry, we know that shoe storage is one of the biggest problems many clients face in keeping their closets orderly. While at More Space Place Jacksonville, we love crafting truly custom solutions for our clients’ storage needs, we understand that many homeowners are in search of creative ideas to clean up their shoe collection today. If you’re looking for easy but innovative ways to bring order back to your shoe storage system, read on to learn a few tips and tricks from Jacksonville’s storage solution experts.

Wall Mounted Shelves – Floating shelves have been a huge trend in interior décor lately, but these useful features can also be put to great functional use as part of your shoe storage strategy. Consider mounting floating shelves within your closet or in an underutilized portion of the bedroom to effectively store your shoe collection.

Towel Rod Storage for Heels – This Pinterest-inspired tip has done wonders for many Jacksonville homeowners. If you’re looking for a visually striking but low-cost way to store your heeled shoes, consider utilizing towel rods. Simply use your shoes’ heels to hang your collection from the rod and voila! Your shoes will be easy to retrieve and create visual interest in your room at the same time.

Bookshelf Shoe Storage – If you’re interested in large storage solutions but aren’t yet ready to invest in a custom closet, a bookshelf storage system can be an effective stopgap measure. If you or a friend has an old bookshelf that isn’t being put to good use around the house, consider making use of it as a shoe and clothing storage system.

Bar Cart Storage – Much like the bookshelf storage system, bar cart shoe storage is a way to make use of household items for a new purpose. While bookshelf shoe storage provides ample organizational space, a bar cart storage will offer less in its ability to separate your collection out into organized segments. The upside of the bar cart system, though, is that it adds a touch of unexpected style to the art of organization.

For more organizational goodness, contact the storage experts at More Space Place Jacksonville. We offer free, in-home, consultations and free estimates to help transform your home into an organized oasis.